Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back on the wagon

So I have fallen off the wagon of blogging. I was at a loss for what to share, and what people would want to read.

I have decided to get back on the wagon. With that decision comes a commitment on my part to share new ideas. I am sick of seeing all of the same projects on all of the different crafting blogs. I can't say that every single post will be an original project, but it is my hope that I can put some new ideas out there in the blogging universe.

I have taken on a couple of new challenges for this year.
First: A commitment to myself to keep my home clean. It is our HOME and I want it to feel that way. Along with keeping up with housework, I will also be more organized. To help me with this I have started using THIS. I have printed out the year. After the first week I have seen huge improvements in my daily habits and realizing how manageable it is to keep it up with only an hour or so a day.

Second: Improving my photography skills. This will start with an online class that I am taking online through the community college. It is called Photographing People with Your Digital Camera. That is truly my passion. I love taking pictures of people, especially youngins'. So I am excited to start getting some practice and looking for models.

Third: Really this is a challenge for the whole family. The next three months will be the longest of my life. The hubs is taking two classes for his MBA this Spring. So that means Mondays and Thursdays I am on my own with the babe from 7:30am until 9:30pm. Looongest daaays evvvver. It takes all of the patience I have to survive those days. We will survive, as long as I remember that the more he takes now the quicker he will be done.

So that is what I will be blogging about.  I hope you will follow me on this journey of new challenges.
God always provides what we need, let me never forget.


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