Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The big TWO

So this weekend was a big one. We celebrated with some family and friends our little man's second birthday. I can't believe he's two already! The last two years have flown by (most days) and have been the best two years so far. Here are some photos from the event:
The cupcakes are from this book
Lions: Orange buttercream, twizzlers pull n' peel for mane, pink heart runts for nose, blue mini m&ms for eyes, orange froot loops for ears

Monkeys: Chocolate frosting, buttercream for face, mini m&ms for eyes, purple froot loops for ears, mini m&ms for nostrils, and twizzlers pull n' peel for mouth

Elephants: Blue buttercream, candimelts for ears and trunk, banana runts for tusks, and mini m&ms for eyes. (suggestion, order the candimelts in a darker blue, my Michaels didn't carry any other blue color)

Birthday bunting. Fabric: Joanns

Birthday boy with his Daddy. In his favorite dinosaur jammies of course.

Mom, I can't touch them or eat them!?

Loving the John Deere tractors and crop duster from Grandpa and Grandma R.!

Aren't his eyes amazing! I could just look at them all day.

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