Monday, January 31, 2011

I think I am addicted...

So Friday Caleb and I went to Goodwill in search of some good vintage finds. This was my first trip for this purpose, and let me promise you it won't be the last. In fact it might have to be a weekly activity.
My best finds were a couple of vintage pillowcases and some sheets:

I don't really have any huge plans yet, other than a pillowcase dress or two. I was just really pumped to get all of that fabric for so little $!
Here are some of my other finds:
Six 6 ounce juice glasses
Vintage Pyrex casserole dish

Baby cabbage patch doll. No clothes, but otherwise in perfect condition...I think I see a new project. Can you say doll clothes?
Tupperware jello mold with removable shape caps.
So we'll see how long I can stay away, but I think we will be making another visit soon.


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